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MS Windows Main Window Run the file "" to start a tk_happy session. A session can be started with an existing project or a new project by using the main menu File>Open or File>New options.

To start a session, at the command prompt, enter any of:

1) ./       (Linux)
2)         (Windows)
3) python  (Both) 

The main tk_happy window will open as shown on the right.

If you have an existing project with the name "appName", you may start it directly by running tk_happy as:

python appName

After working with your project, the File menu also offers the options to Save, SaveAs, and Exit.

The Help menu will launch your default system browser and open any one of several very helpful Tkinter sites. I found all of these sites to be very beneficial in learning Tkinter.
These sites are:
An Introduction to Tkinter by Fredrik Lundh at
An Introduction to Tkinter by Fredrik Lundh at
Tkinter reference: a GUI for Python by John W. Shipman
Tkinter Summary by Russell Owen
Thinking in Tkinter by Stephen Ferg

Editing Tkinter python source code can be much easier with your browser open to one of the above sites.

Linux Main Window