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Edit Widget and Form Parameters

Edit Window Form Window The Edit Window allows standard Tkinter options to be edited as well as layout parameters for tk_happy. The example to the right applies to the selected label widget shown in the form below. The blue grab-boxes indicate that the label is selected.

For the label widget selected, there are two sets of parameters titled "Label Layout" and "Label Tk Options". If a button had been selected the titles would have been "Button Layout" and "Button Tk Options". Items in "Label Layout", (ex. name and pixelWidth), are parameters that tk_happy uses. Tkinter parameters, (ex. background and justify), are located in the area titled "Label Tk Options".

Simply edit the values that you want to change and hit return or click outside the entry box.

Illegal values will result in the parameter reverting back to it's previous legal value.

Clicking on the Form Window away from any widgets, will give the overall form the focus in the Edit Window. The application window can be resized or otherwise edited.

The widget or form with focus is placed in the Edit Window.