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Download tk_happy

Sourceforge hosts the tk_happy project. It can be downloaded at:tk_happy Download

After downloading tk_happy, it can be installed in typical python fashion using the code shown below.

python install

A copy of the script "" is included in the distribution and can either be copied to a convenient location in your path, or run with a shortcut.

If simply placed in your system's path, the commands shown below will run it.

1) ./       (Linux)
2)         (Windows)
3) python  (Both) 

The benefit of this approach is that the Tk GUI for your project will be easy to work on in your project's own directory. As the script below shows, instantiating the main_window.TK_Happy object is the key to running tk_happy.

#!/usr/bin/env python
from Tkinter import *
import tk_happy

root = Tk()
MainWin = root
MainWin.title('Main Window')

happy = tk_happy.main_window.TK_Happy( MainWin )
# must start mainloop for the following auto load to work properly

I hope tk_happy makes your Tkinter experience easier and better. For me, python is certainly the most pleasurable language to develop in, and I hope that creating a GUI in python has become a happier experience with tk_happy.

My Thanks to Sourceforge for Their Support

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