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WYSIWYG Layout on Form Window

Form Window The Form Window enables the user to lay out widgets such that What You See, Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). The example to the right shows a simple application with three widgets.

Notice the blue grab-boxes around the label widget. These allow widgets to be moved and stretched into the position and shape desired.

The blue grab-boxes also determine the widget whose parameters may be edited in the Edit Window. Clicking on a widget will give it the focus in the Edit Window as indicated by the grab-boxes.

When widgets are newly placed on the form, they have grab-boxes by default and immediately appear in the Edit Window.

The small red dots represent the snap-grid that controls where widgets will be placed. Widget alignment is controlled by the snap grid. The snap grid can be made finer and coarser with the spinbox control on the Main Window.

Point and click to rapidly create a form layout.