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tk_happy Creates Fully "Wired" Applications

MS Windows Main Window The main idea behind tk_happy is to allow a fully "wired" python Tkinter GUI application to be created in minutes. The users main responsibility is to add logic to the Tkinter framework created by tk_happy.

Widgets are selected from the "Widgets" listbox and placed on the Tkinter form. The properties of the widget can be edited (sizes and positions can either be edited or changed using the mouse and grab-boxes).

The resulting Tkinter definitions may be saved as either an application or a dialog. Two files result from a tk_happy save operation: 1) a definition file (*.def) and 2) a python source file (*.py).

The python file is fully functional as soon as it is created.

User modifications to the python source file are retained, so that subsequent iterations using tk_happy preserve the user's logic.

Once created, use your favorite python text editor to edit the python file. My personal favorite is the Scintilla Text Editor.

A Main Menu and/or Status Bar may be included with a single selection on the main tk_happy form. The menu is created from a simple indented list that is defined by the user. The status bar is pre-wired for easy use.

Selectable snap size makes widget alignment easy (a snap).

All of the calls for standard Message Boxes, File Dialogs, Color Chooser, and Timer Alarms will be included in the python source file if those selections are made on the main tk_happy form.

A guiding tk_happy principle... It is easier to copy and paste existing code snippets, than it is to remember Tkinter syntax.

Linux Main Window